Tips in Maintaining Your Air Conditioner in Gainesville to prevent air conditioner replacement

Performing regular maintenance on your air conditioner will improve its efficiency and performance. Check for tangles or poor connections. This is important for safety. Contact a repair service if you notice any problems. A plugged drain line can cause water damage to your house and reduce the indoor humidity levels. Call a repair service for a diagnosis if you notice any of these problems. If you’ve neglected your AC’s maintenance, it’s time to schedule a professional visit.

You should also pay attention to the refrigerant level in your air conditioner. Older air conditioners use Freon, which is an ozone-depleting hydrochlorofluorocarbon. The newer refrigerants follow EPA standards. Performing maintenance on your air conditioner will prevent the need for repairs in the future. The longer you wait, the less effective your system will be. Moreover, regular air conditioner maintenance will help you get more warranty coverage from the manufacturer.

Clean the condenser coil and evaporator of your air conditioner once a year. Use a soft brush to scrub the coils. If needed, use a household air compressor on a low setting. Make sure that the condensate drain hole is not blocked. Check for any debris and paper that may obstruct airflow. Wash the outside coils once a year with a soft brush in the same direction as the fins.

Check the fan blades. Dirt and debris may build up on fan blades, reducing airflow and causing problems. Clean the condenser with condenser cleaner, removing any obstructions and debris. Your air conditioner will last longer, so don’t skip this step. If you don’t do any of the above, you might be putting yourself at risk for costly repairs. It would help if you considered having your air conditioner serviced at least once a year to ensure optimal efficiency.

Clean the condensate drain. If it is clogged, water may accumulate on the condensate drain. If this is not addressed, the condensate could lead to increased humidity and poor cooling performance in your home. Regular cleaning and checking will keep your air conditioner in good condition for many years. The same goes for the filters and the air filters. It’s essential to check the condensate drain every year for proper drainage.

Keep foliage away from condenser units. Trees and shrubbery can be an unwelcome source of dirt, so make sure to trim back vegetation close to them. The condenser unit is the outdoor component of your HVAC system. You can clean it by trimming the foliage back by two feet. Ensure the vents from your clothes dryer are adequately angled away from the AC unit to avoid dirt buildup.

Clean air conditioner coils are vital to their function. You can prevent clogged coils by changing the filters, but the waves will still accumulate dirt as time goes on. The dirty coils will be less effective at absorbing heat. This will cause problems with cooling and require repair work to fix. So, do not neglect regular maintenance on your air conditioner. You can easily find out which filters are suitable for your needs. And keep in mind that you should call a professional when you notice changes in its average performance.